Reorganization Debate

Join us on Monday, October 22nd at 6 p.m. at Oaklyn Library to hear speakers from the group supporting the reorganization plan and also from the CORE group which is against reorganization. Oak Hill Neighborhood Association will not take an official position on the reorganization issue since our neighborhood association is made up of both county and city residents. Hope you will join us.

Possible Boil Advisory

There is a water issue near the corner of Lake Drive and Wayside. The crew working the problem said it is highly possible that a boil advisory could be issued as a result of the repair work being done.

Full Text of Consolidation Plan for City and County Government

Download Full Text as PDF

Summer Newsletter

Oak Hill Neighborhood Newsletter Summer 2010. Download the PDF here.

National Night Out

Just a reminder that National Night Out is at Lorraine Park on Tuesday, August 3rd from 6-9 p.m. Police, community, neighbors, and more. Free food and fun. Come join us and have fun. I am also in need of volunteer workers if you are available or know of anyone. Usually about 1500 people are there.

New Phone Scam

I received a call last from 727-847-4737. The Caller ID shows “Officer Down”. No message was left, but I Googled the number and learned this is a scam…these people claim to collect money for the families of fallen police officers. DO NOT donate if you get a call from these people. More Info Here: Report

Indiana Fireworks Laws

A request was made at the June meeting for information regarding Fireworks laws in Indiana. View attached PDF of full rules and regulations.

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